BlockAudio C-Lock Lite
BlockAudio C-Lock Lite
BlockAudio C-Lock Lite


BlockAudio C-Lock Lite

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AC Mains Connection Fastening System

Gira Standart

• Absolutely new & unique Locking System solution for high end AC Mains Connection.
• Functional apparently with all power cords with diameter from 35 to 41 mm.
• Smart construction & User’s friendly.
• Reference quality of make.
• Thanks to C-LOCK your cable will not be hanging down anymore

The unique magnesium NUTE as one of the key components of the Locking System ensures a perfect connection of the AC power cord to the wall-socket, eliminating vibration and supports the wall socket against breaking out of the wall. The extruded surface allows easy mounting of the Nute and accurate thread tightening. Perfect inside thread processing offers smooth running during tightening. Its very special fine silk anodizing secures long-term usage without surface damage and color stability.
The customized highest quality pure silicone O-RING with exact deformation attributes ensures domain functionality of whole Locking System. Due to its deformation during nut tightening, it exerts a consistent pressure on the power connector with respect to power connector surface protection.
C-Lock & Lock Lite review by HIFISTATEMENT magazine.


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