Acoustic Revive EMF Canceller

Acoustic Revive

Acoustic Revive EMF Canceller

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Strong electromagnetic waves emanate from power supply transformers inside of audio equipment. They have a negative influence on circuit boards and internal wiring, as well as neighboring components and cables, which destroys sound quality. In some equipment, power supply transformers have shielded covers or a power supply unit housed in a separate chassis. In most cases, the magnetic field passes through the shielding and equipment housing. Unfortunately, until today, there were no measures to mitigate or avoid such problems altogether.

The REM-8 releases an electromagnetic wave generated by its original print coil and circuit. Due to its revolutionary concept and structure, the electromagnetic wave released from the REM-8 cancels any electromagnetic waves emanating from the transformers of components in the audio system. The REM-8 is very simple to use. Just place it underneath the componentユs power supply transformer without any contact. It will neutralize harmful electromagnetic waves, canceling their negative influence on equipment and cables. It will dramatically reduce noise, improve sound imaging and remove electronic glare, resulting in a very natural, realistic sound quality.

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