Canare 75 ohm Video Coaxial Cable

Canare Electric Inc.

Canare 75 ohm Video Coaxial Cable

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Canare’s No.1 Selling Coax. A lightweight, very flexible RG59B/U equivalent that is perfect for all video facility equipment interfacing, ENG/OB work and video patch cord assemblies. Our smooth non-glare finish PVC jackets are available in 10 distinctive colors (including Chroma-Key Blue!) and will stay flexible even in sub-zero weather!

●  Broadcast Transmission.
●  Analog and Digital.
●  Inter-Rack Wiring.
●  Video Patch Cords.
●  Flexible Center Conductor: Stranded Bare Copper.
●  Dielectric strips away clean from Conductor.
●  Tightly Woven Braid Shield.
●  Stays Flexible even in Subzero Weather.
●  Available in 10 Colors.

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