Canare 75 ohm BNC Crimp

Canare Electric Inc.

Canare 75 ohm BNC Crimp

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●  SMPTE 424M & 292M Compliant.
●  Serial Digital Video.
●  HDTV Upgrades.
●  NTSC Analog
●  Test Equipment.
●  Satellite Headends.
●  True 75 ohm construction Crimp Pin & Sleeve.
●  High performance of 1.1 or less VSWR up to 2GHz. (VSWR 1.1 or less up to 1GHz for BCP-C25, BCP-C25F).
●  Mechanically mates with common 50 ohm BNC.
●  Elongated Body for better finger grip.
●  Superior cable pull strength.
●  Gold plated center pins 'snap lock' in place.
●  Beryllium copper outer contact.
●  Easy Assembly using Canare Strip & Crimp Tools.
●  Operating temperature -20 to +60 degrees Celsius.
●  Suitable Cable: Canare  LV-61S
●  Center Pin: B11015E
●  Sleeve: BN7015A
●  Boot: CB04
●  Die Set: TCD-4CA, TCD-451CA

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