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PL Prime Lens Set

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Sony PL Prime Lens Set
SONY PL Prime Lens Set, 35/50/85mm with T2.0. Image is still sharp and crispy even with max aperture. For alll Cameras with PL Mount
MFR: PL Prime Lens Set


SONY PL prime lens with focal length of 35mm/50mm/85mm, maximum aperture of T2.0: SCL-P35T20, SCL-P50T20 and SCL-P85T20. The prime set were sold with Sony PMW-F3(F3K), usually. Although it is designed for SONY F3, F5 and F55, but it can be used in other cameras with PL mount, such as:
KineMINI 4K and KineMAX 6K with PL mount;
The RED cameras are equipped with PL mount: EPIC, Scarlet;
The ARRI cameras: Alexa/Amira/Alexa MINI;
The BMD machines with PL mount: URSA, BMPC and BMCC;
The Canon cameras with PL mount: C300, C500.

As a refurbished product:
Optical quality: almost perfect. There is no scratches, no damage, no fungus, almost no dust over Glass;
Mechanical quality: almost perfect. Focus and aperture ring works very smooth and no oil leakage;
Appearance quality: very good. May have small scratches, or dents on the surface, but no impact the follow focus at all.

The basic parameters of the prime set:
Mount: PL mount with industry standard: Focal length: 35mm/50mm/85mm;
Manual aperture tuning: T2.0 ~ Close;
Manual focus: 0.35m/0.5m/0.85m ~ Infinity;
Filter diameter: 95mm;
Weight: about 1.28KG.

The refurbished lens set may have the best cost performance in all PL lens. The average price of each lens is only equivalent to the Canon DSLR prime lens, but it is a true cinema lens with cinematic operation and reliability. It is so lightweight that it be used as handheld shooting when working with the Kine cameras.
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Additional Information

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