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1255 Westlake Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109

498 239 9874

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The team at AVC can offer expertise in ALL fields of AV, Broadcast and Digital Media production, postproduction and distribution.
During the last 15 years AVC has completed a number of projects spanning from turnkey TV stations, Satellite broadcast operators, film studios to simple grading suites and screening theaters.
The company has been acting on all sides of those businesses, being itself a integrator / supplier in one case and client / investor in another.
Whatever your project calls for we have done it and could share the experience saving you a lot of “discoveries”.
Suppy of Location recording equipment Design and installation of: Music recording and mixing studios Audio and Video and Film Post facilities TV Broadcast sound facilities and infrastructure Mission critical intercom systems
Importation and distribution of State of the Art Analogue and Digital music replay systems Acoustic design of personal listening rooms.
Design and installation of integrated sound systems for multi room and home theatre, galleries and other event spaces.