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1255 Westlake Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109

498 239 9874

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About Us

Audio Video Consult Ltd. was founded in 1998 in Sofia, Bulgaria by Rumen Artarski upon his return from the UK.
In the following years after completing numerous projects AVC won a leading position in the Bulgarian market.
Milestone references would include the design and realisation of the greenfield facilities for bTV (News Corp),
Telecine grading suite at Kodak, Turnkey TV station “Vesselina”, startup of TV 7 and it’s facilities in Kempinski,
Startup of Satellite BG with it’s HD platform, TopFormStudio and the introduction of digital cinematography
as well as numerous other emblematic facilities in the country.
17 years down the line we are looking for new challenges and opportunities.

Our Address

251 Okolovrasten pat, Delta Center
1766 Sofia, Bulgaria
Telephone: +359 2 988 95 55
FAX: +359 2 988 95 56
Mobile +359 888 561 269